Thrive Nutra, Inc. Reviews -

I order this 1/22/17, got it on 1/30/17. Opened the package to find out that the product had expired in 8/16! I called to return it & was told repeatedly that I was wrong & the date was a manufacturing date (the bottle clearly states EXP. 8/2016).


Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC Reviews -

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC. On May 18,2015, I recieved a Collection agency envelope in my mailbox. At that time, I did not know it was a letter from a Collection Agency,what was strange to me was the return address was just a P.O. box number, 1120 and a city.


Atlantic Roofing and Remodeling LLC Reviews -

I gave Wilbur Taylor of Atlantic roofing and remodeling a sizable deposit to put a metal roof on my home. he gave me nothing but excuses for the last three months and I've had to resort to legal action and use every available resource to recoup my money.

CODES Reviews -

I was on on april 15 2015. i was bidding on a allis chalmers 74 planter units. soi was biddding in 5 dollar increments. and got the plnater units. so i went to the town the dealaership was located at in morrisonville ohio. over heard 2 salelman joking about bidding on 2 allis chalmers planter units.chased a guy up on it. so i went to the dealership see if they had my 2 allis ...


ClearPath Lending Reviews -

Send 3-4 mailing per week with wrong info about myself,home and lender.The small print on 2nd page of letter followed would mean super duper credit score,a va disability to remove va lending fee and points.If they stopped wasting thousands in offers that never get answered after 1,3,5,7 months maybe it would seem that they really are legit,not looking to check inside your wallet.Just plain ...


IAG, LLC Reviews -

International Acquisition Group, LLC IAG Made false statements about previous success stories and lie to business owners. Internet. Do not do business with this company!


McMills Construction Scam Reviews -

Theres another scam i fell into stating they're from mcmills construction in ca. They posted hiring positions on indeed, i sent them my resume, helen cortez emails me back as a possible candidate and gives me instructions to attend a google chat with malcolm mallory [email protected] this person explains mcmills construction is expanding to njState i live in)and is hiring 16 people to help ...

CODES Reviews -

I responded to numorous chihuahuas for adoption from "Rescueme org." and NO reply back I am over-qualified to adopt a pet. I own my own home, am retired, seeking small dog etc and seems that this ORG. is really ONLY about seeking donations under the guise of having pets in need of a home.


Sunstate Timeshare Reviews -

I purchased a timeshare resale from SunState Realty off of E-Bay in 5/14. I paid $711.99. To this day, I have received nothing in paper or email to confirm this.


Fly Babies Aviary Reviews -

On November 2, 2014, I contacted Fly Babies through, about a purchasing a specific bird. The owner said she was available. Through a series of emails and phone calls, I decided I would purchase her.


Cascade Capital, LLC Reviews -

I received a letter from Convergent Oussourcing, Inc. located at 800 SW 39th St. in Renton, Washington. I am being accused by a creditor called Cascade Capital LLC with a Client account #10218522453 and Convergent Account # S-43888111 with the name of the Original Creditor left blank, the amount they say I owe is $1502.20 and they are willing to settle for $527.17, let me just say that I owe ...


Sun Cities Financial Group Reviews -

A few years ago, I responded to their ad about a CD. I think they stated that they had many banks to deal with. But at the appointment, he only had one, and he said I didn’t qualify since I already had a bank account with that bank, Bank of Internet.


Strike It Rich IX Sweepstakes Reviews -

They send you a notification by mail. The return address in the back of the envelope reads: PO Box 9084 Clearwater, FL 33758. They say were trying to reach you regarding a prize of $1,000,000 and gives an ID number to claim by January,29 2015.


Stephen Jubrey Agency Reviews -

Stephen Jubry Agency is a joke! Do not waste your time with their lies, lies and more lies. They entice you with all this money you will make, when in reality, you won't.


Focal Point Business Coaching Reviews -

Purchased franchise and attended their "Training Classes" in Las Vegas, NV. Paid $30,000. and after 4 months of waiting I had not recieved any training materials or support whatsoever.


Linknow media Reviews -

Linknow media is a Web building company that offed to build me a website the sales men Frank gave me a price of $299 and told me I needed a credit card.


US Federal Contractor Registration Reviews -

Rod Johnson, from US Federal Contracters, misrepresented himself, by stating that we have provided the SAM registration for you in years Past (never provided before scam).


Pendrick Capital Partners Reviews -

I received a call from Dynamic Recovery Solutions saying that I owe Sprint and some childrens hospital in Madera, Ca. I advised them this is the 2nd time they have contacted me regarding this bogus Sprint account and the 1st time I heard about a childrens hospital.


American Health Solutions Reviews -

I got a call on my cell phone from 928-793-0119 stating they were American Health Solutions. I called them back and got a recorded message thanking me for calling, that my call was very important to them, to stay on the line and someone would be with me shortly.


The International Association of HealthCare Professionals ...

My name is Dr. Allison Haughton-Green and I am a board certified physician that practices in Orlando Florida. I am attempting to get a refund for the $807.95 I paid Internal Association of Healthcare Professionals on May 14, 2014.